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We are a citadel of knowledge and academic excellence. With a standing track record of high academic performance and influence over the years, our commitment to producing a complete child who is intellectually sound, physically fit, morally upright, and socially adjusted, never waned. As a matter of traditional practice, we...

De-Joyland Prep

Our pre -school is a breeding ground like no other. With the interest of the children and their parents at the centre of our programmes and activities, the prep creates a haven convenient for purposes of learning and socializing. As a result-oriented school, we keep parents abreast of their children's...

De-Joyland Nursery

Like tiny grains scattered in a King's garden, we provide the best of nursery education for children ages 3-5 years old. We give no sleep to our eyes in nurturing the inherent qualities in our tender kids, thereby preparing them for the primary education ahead with the best scheme in...

De-Joyland Primary

Being the third level in the academic strata in our school, we invest heavily in the upbringing of these class of students. Knowing full well the global demand in terms of the wealth of knowledge a person possesses, we strive without lagging behind to create a total child who can...

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