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Being the third level in the academic strata in our school, we invest heavily in the upbringing of these class of students. Knowing full well the global demand in terms of the wealth of knowledge a person possesses, we strive without lagging behind to create a total child who can stand shoulder-high with their contemporaries in the 21st century society. In a conducive environment void of distractions and pollution, we mould the lives of our primary school pupils in De Joyland Schools in the most humane and standard manner.

We provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning with professional and God fearing teachers who give quality education and instil the right morals in our pupils.
We also provide opportunities for children to develop their skills through extra curricula activities, creating avenues for them to express their creative abilities.
We provide a school bus to convey pupils from their various homes to school and back, guaranteeing the safety and close monitoring of your child.