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De Joyland Schools

We are a citadel of knowledge and academic excellence.

With a standing track record of high academic performance and influence over the years, our commitment to producing a complete child who is intellectually sound, physically fit, morally upright, and socially adjusted, never waned. As a matter of traditional practice, we are passionate in laying a firm foundation for your kids, and offering them exciting, stimulating and enriched curriculum—— based on real reasons for learning.

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All students of Dejoyland Schools will be registered for the forthcoming examination by the school admin. If you wish to take our exams as an external student, please register and contact the school via our live chat, email, or support lines.

Note: We humbly request that all candidates connect to their respective assigned video conferencing class room and simultaneously enable the PC webcam or turn on mobile device camera, directly focusing visual coverage of the entire environment/PC where the exam will be taken. All materials and objects should be removed close to the PC or exam environment

You are required to complete the exam within the stipulated time frame assigned to your exam question page. Remember to carefully read all instructions and provide your best answers where appropriate.

We wish you all the best in your exams

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